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Ice Climbing – Beginner to Advanced Level Courses Ice Climbing – Beginner to Advanced Level Courses

Ice Climbing – Beginner to Advanced Level Courses

Beginner to Advanced Level Courses

During any MNGS Ice Course, clients are taught the following skills. In a single or two-day course, material and techniques are covered accordingly and time-permitting, and include:

  • Common mistakes in ice climbing and accident avoidance
  • Differences in ice and rock climbing methods and safety
  • Approach to ice climbs, selection, unique situations and weather influence
  • Ice belaying and choice of belay stances
  • Judgment of ice integrity and available/creative options
  • Types of protection gear and variations in ice screw design
  • Multiple and equalized ice anchors
  • Anchor building, location and back-up of anchors
  • Various rope systems and choice, including single rope, double and twin rope techniques and management skills
  • Rappelling and descending ice routes: various rappel methods and devices
  • Rappelling systems appropriate to rope management and retrieval
  • Speed of movement and route management
  • Efficient techniques for climbing, resting and descending steep couloirs and icy terrain

 Beginning Ice Climbing Courses include:

  • Choosing ice routes appropriate to your level; avoiding dangerous routes
  • Equipment and clothing: selection and designs
  • Staying warm while climbing ice; avoidance of hypothermia, frostnip, etc.
  • Characteristics of ice: formation, strength evaluation, judgement
  • Anchors and anchor placement choices, reasoning
  • Footwork (resting, efficiency, limitations, boot design, crampon design and choice, etc)
  • Tool placement (resting, efficiency, ‘cheating’, limitations, ice tool design and choice, etc)

Cost: 175€ to 350€/day (according to number of clients; 3 clients maximum)

See our article about ice tool and crampon design under the Learning Aids section.

*Private instruction is also available. Contact us for information, pricing and reservations.