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Glacier Training Outings and Courses Glacier Training Outings and Courses

Glacier Training Outings and Courses

MNGS offers unique, one-day outings for anyone interested in hiking in glaciated terrain, skiing off-piste in mountainous areas such as the Valley Blanche in Chamonix, or simply learning how to stay safe on a glacier when approaching any mountain route. What we teach is not defined to a particular area, but is designed to help you understand the formation of all glaciers, the dangers they represent, how to traverse such areas safely and wisely, and what to do in the event you or a member of your party does fall into a crevasse or step through an undetected snowbridge.

These outings are not difficult – anyone who can hike can do this – and are not designed to be exhausting, but highly educational and fun.

Crevasse formation, glacial movement, hidden crevasse detection, the equipment required to extricate yourself or another fallen victim, proper rope and gear, tie-in procedures and team movement are all part of what you will learn on a remarkable and spectacular day high in the mountains.

These days with our mountain professionals will prepare you to be a secure and knowledgeable part of a rope team, and assure that you know what gear to carry anytime you plan to travel on glaciers anywhere, and how not to become an accident statistic due to ignorance or insufficient preparation for such excursions.

Come with us for a fantastic day of adventure in terrain you will never forget. After an outing with MNGS, you can enjoy traveling on glaciers and avoid being one of the many who do so incorrectly and unsafely every day.

Planned dates are posted on our Calendar, but we will also schedule a specific day for you and your own group anytime.

Basic Glacier Travel skills include:

  • safe glacier travel practices: reasons for/avoidance of glacier accidents
  • use, limits and mis-use of the equipment
  • proper dress for glacier travel; harness preparation and required equipment, specialty gear
  • rescue knots, friction knots, selection and limitations (i.e. Klemheists vs. prussiks)
  • proper roping techniques for multiple climbers, distance reasoning, best tie-in knots/strengths, use
  • multiple anchor building techniques on glaciers; anchor equalization
  • innovative equipment use in emergencies
  • hauling systems for partner extraction (i.e. effectiveness of 3:1 systems vs. 5:1 or 7:1 systems)
  • real scenarios of crevasse falls, (opposed to theories); physical limitations of victims, immediacy and methods of victim stabilization
  • rope ascension from crevasses, preparation, problems caused by book theories, time limits vs hypothermia
  • methods of partner extrication with single partner, 2, 3 or more climbers
  • rope team assignments for crevasse rescue
  • physical limitations/failure points of hauling systems and anchors; mitigation of common failures
  • glacier reading and hidden crevasse avoidance

All Glacier and Modern Mountaineering course techniques include:

  • Equipment and clothing; proper harness preparation and gear selection
  • Understanding hypothermia, various high altitude illnesses (AMS) and avoidance/treatment
  • Characteristics of snow and ice relative to weather and other conditions
  • Anchor choices, anchor placement, limitations
  • Efficiency of movement
  • Ice axe techniques and applications according to terrain characteristics
  • Various techniques and application for efficient team progress

 Cost: 150€ to 300€/day. Private outings can be arranged; contact us for bookings & pricing.

Class Size: 1 to 8 clients maximum according to course choice

*Private instruction is also available. Contact us for information, pricing and reservations.